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The Energy We Hate Called Love


Scientists and Old Jewish Mystics Talk of Energy Transferences

that happen every instant and yet people do get in the way

This causes all sorts of physiological and emotional upsets

when that human that emits the perfect energy to be received

by you at that instant, you are going to suffer if you don’t see it

for what it is and accept it as just another wonderful experience

and shut your mouth about what it could be or should be

or even try to push it away and hate it and rage at it because that

is so unscientific to rage at an energy source instead of move it

through your life to be of most beauty and purposefulness and joy.

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No L


There are so many stupid men on this planet

Don’t mean uneducated or even dull in thought

I mean You got to be Kidding Me you don’t get

Women even a Angstrom in depth. As if all you

ever cared about was your own fantasy constructs

that have no semblence to reality and couldn’t

help you to understand a living breathing feeling

being because your prick just keeps telling you

how it is. Sorry to  feel naught for you my knuckle

dragging breathren cause you just enjoy your

rudeness and brutality way way too much. Suffer

the loss of an Ear or such and you might learn something.

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                            I love it when men give scientific evidence for RAPE

Just hate when a book I know I’ll loath is important to read

cro magnum man had orgies so that communinal living could be

supported cause no one knew da baby Daddy with spermacidal

ejaculates supporting women yelling out to attract more peni

All the BUZZ those drones that feed some other’s DNA

what didn’t the honey bee teach us about sterility

all good for selling more PORNO and prostitution which is

just in line with male egos failure at nuturing and communication.

Wait would those be more evolved traits? Naw let’s orgy!

         P.S. I haven’t heard of one Rapist that helped his progeny survive communally or otherwise

                  Retarded Psychologists forget that the Sponge: Human sperm count is 100000000:1

                  pressure is to ensure paturnity and parental care with increased brain development times

                 of decades! They are talking spermatozoan human evolution is about survival of babies

                  or isn’t that selling enough books. Yes Sex is about Babies! OMG this is such a dumb debate

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Bohz to Goyz

Mike Mohawk                                                                  Your Sponser

Diversity is necessary for the continuance of life

Mutations and Unique combinations lead to adaptation

Yet we fear that differences will harm us at times

The Englishman I walked along the river with never

wanted a kid nor a wife nor a home of any significance

I am glad I wanted all of that and I worked hard to

carry out the plan and now I am the mother I wanted

    Noam Chompsky is right.The most successful biologicals

    are the least intelligent. Yet the most successful humans are…

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Diffuse Reflection


                                    Self Similar

In Santa Fe it began to snow

each flake adhered to the sleeve

the entire spectrum of light

refected from each crystals facets

and I ached to have a child’s language

novel and awe struck and supercooled

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Crazy Sober


Matt spoke tonight

he first got sober at 15 and did not drink for 5 years

he said that he was radical about not drinking but did

none of the work and one day drank again and spent

a year and a half  totally crazy running drugs and guns

when he came back he had been kicked out of the

Marines because he was pychotic and violent

all the men in his family were drunk and violent

he said he knew he was violent because it kept

people away from him and he was really very afraid

I think the rest of his life will be spent trying to

deal with being afraid and he does that by

talking  to other men that are afraid

he is crazy and very happy. I want that for

every crazy  alcoholic. The funniest thing

he said the other day is that if you go looking

for your inner child and find him, kill him

and grow up and be an adult.


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Secret Santa


                                                   Thriller is a bad Analogy Bill

What is a fad today just would not cut it

Environments change so slowly and gradually

the selection for a fit design would never pop

up looking like Gangnams on the Internet

a niche can stay the same for millions of years

in a stable ocean habitat and another change instantaneously

the more we drastically change the earth in man time

the easier a genetic quirk could take hold and dominate

we may be certainly making opportunes most deadly

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Emotional Sobriety

Side Effects

Side Effects

It starts with the dreams that reoccur

dreamt a baby was inside me pushing bones

then the house with secret rooms, clues to

the traumatized subconscious telling a story

when I finish listening I will fall asleep

the rest of my life is for unraveling

no more boogeymens or womens


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Heat Seeking


 Probably the subtlest effect is a return to an emptiness

inside, it craves an external source of solace and release.

Right  back to  increasing the kinetic energy that distracts.

Observing psycholoical needs for anything warmer

than a cold glass against my lips and not careing.

Never can  return to the hell of  never getting enough

I am more awakened than ever to my last years of healing.