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You Southerners



I am not at all familiar with your customs but I 

think I just saw your Uncle take a crap in that

lovely fruit and everclear that you Aunt set out

on the table by the hammock. These good old 

boys tend to get snookered early in the day and

get into all sorts of mischief. I am sticking to

my bottle of Pierre and won’t be eating much of

the local food until we return to Manhattan.


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Sinking Ships



Raring to go to touch your face

we all can see how the allure can begin

Readers 99% have been there done that

Titanic did not make it past it’s maiden voyage

not 10 years after the beauty was spied nor 1 year

on it’s maiden voyage and that tells all of us one 

thing about beauty, it tells you nothing of quality

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She will be the one to hang for the long run

will get to know you warts and all and be

even tempered nurturing and into the X1 maybe

There is no hunt for these they come out of the

woodwork when there is someone to blame

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Achilles Heel


I made caterpillar Club Meds when I was a child with grassskirts

A magnifying glass has been in my hands only to see spiracles in Lubbers

Here is what maddens me

Vanity that just oozes with anorexic wanna be

Hair tossing until the mind becomes numbed by the vapidness

complete male hatred Not even a clue on how to be close to a male

Disregard for the last one while making public this reeling in of the new catch

DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK DRUNK glorifying an illness that kills many

almost killing a great poet