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Mean Old Daddy


My life’s work has been to identify those parts of my

behavior that was created in response to my abuse by another

The worst thing I could be is the darkness of their sickness

Consciously treating others gently and being about pleasure

not in over powering, which always makes me feel empowered


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Change your Dreams



I watched the changes take place year after year

we are a family of people that need help to feel

all the ups and downs of working towards a goal

and a day comes when the happiness is so worth

all that growing up that had to be done for sweet Sloane

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One That Persist Psychotically

1013907_269140643226174_1567466750_n                                        People Can Be Trusted

Well that all depends now

Did I expect that self centered

guy to be polite after I helped him

No, not really but there is that

fantasy part of my personality

We shall see if he believes in

fairy Godmothers after I say

No the next time he asks

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The True From The False



Remember the Thespian on SNL who “lied” through his teeth

You could always tell because he would say “Yeah that’s right

that’s the ticket”. Well I think you need a clear signal what

stories are fabricated because I think the other propaganda

hounds are quoting that absurd stuff as court records and

that won’t be good for your credibility as you know from

the paleontologist who first documented that Mammoths

rode on the backs of these Am Frags backs “Yeah that’s the ticket”