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Where It’s Not by Itself


Sometime in the late 1990’s

a whole generation of young American women

were coerced

by Playboy, Cosmopolitan and

other porn peddlers to believe

that if they did not remove all

their body hair (except on their heads)

that they were undesirable and less than.

Now there have to be campaigns to tell

these girls that they are wonderful just

the way they were born to be and that

any man that would not love them for

their heart and mind and natural body


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Venting is Cheaper than _____ (fill in blank)




When I moved way across town, I decided to try Alanon

Today the topic was being responsible for your own happiness

I said my landlord controls the swamp cooler and he didn’t come

home last night, so at 2:30 AM my calf Charlie Horses from the 

damp cold air. Will anger make me happy? Well, no not really.

So luckily I don’t have to work today, so I can just be happy

that I didn’t freeze to death or that I don’t live in Florida

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Clean Living


Invertebrate zoologists turn over stones in rivers

looking for caddis fly larvae, a species only found

in unpolluted waters that are rich in nutrients and oxygen

They gather materials from their environment to form casts

An artist supplied gold leaf and precious stones to these larvae

Animal architecture is one of the most wondrous sciences

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There you are sticking out, people finding you odd

Someday, I envision you finding your rightful niche

Those girls in the T mobile store with their belly shirts

disappear into the mass of look alikes, posers, clones

You my dearest are the rarest of beings, an orchid.