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Morning with a Med Head


Service rendered was a lift from a tire store

OMG I could hear the clink of pharmaceuticals

against her retina. Sentences had neither beginning

nor endings that completed a thought. The speedy

meds fast forward past the present conversation to her

judging what she is thinking. Confusion and chaos and

she is thinking she is brilliant and fast thinking. Short

circuits and hype. Ah the human condition is complex.



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Life and Truth


The boss said take this diabetic rat and inject him with PWM then find out

how the cells age in the presence of glucose in a Magnetic Resonance machine

I named my rat George and everyday I gave him an IM injection and talked and

stroked his face and fed him and made sure he was dry and warm and clean.   

Then one day a vial of cells were handed to me,what was left of George

the data was in from the NMR and the truth was we still all age.

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Collecting Data


Looking for different things in our lives

we find the friends we are seeking

laughter, hugs and a squeeze of the hand

moving your home, buying lunch, at a hospital.

Ego tells me no person gives me all that I want

at the end of each day I am grateful for all helping hands.


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Happy Futures


The kid was telling me about her favorite TV Show. I watched it over her shoulder a few times.

What the heck is it about anyway. Oh in the future no one has any emotions and they can teletransport.

Asking a Asperger’s person this questions seems ironic “What is the advantage of no one having emotions”

“It is more efficient living without them”. Efficient..hmm so no poets, no songwriters…no therapists.

I went to see a black psychologist that thought he was so impressive and talked about my perfume.

One day he told a story of a Holocaust survivor who learned to “compartmentalize” and never felt emotional

pain again. He claimed to know how to teach me to do that.  I said no thank you I can drink and do that any day.