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On that Journey


My friend just had a double mastectomy, was in the middle of radiation treatments

requested that she go on the trip that she had planned all year with her husband

Her job of 20 years was in Healthcare Insurance policies, and was laid off this month.

She believes that there is a spirit that has laid out this entire plan for her life, as is.

I wished her a food filled, laugh a minute, get in her husband pants vacation, in my pagan way.

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Dr. Lockness Monster


Brains are very fragile things

you think they are just fine

then you discover strange glitches.

If an obsession develops about jealousy

let’s say, the person will feel unable to

bear the imaginings that are beneath.

It is make believe in their head, yet

all that consumes their very survival.

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The Study of Coincidence



Novels are fiction and yet they can create reality

Today I was outside a country store in my car

a car pulled up and “the writer” of the book I read

walked out and I never met him, yet there he was

Just a strange peek into how our lives intersect

I texted Do you believe in a god? He said No

You? I said I believe that energies we don’t

understand are part of these strange happenings

Tesla knew

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Final Resting Place



He asked about power lines, my heart fell.

Reiki master, I only covet energy work of peace.

He dug and talked, the ground was prepared.

The young doctor with such kindness listened

for her heartbeat, it is very small right now.

She was drunk, horrific death jaw storytelling

He was sober, sublime to her essence he covered her.


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Darwin Awards



In case you are unfamiliar with this term, I will explain

Five years ago my really sweet scientist brother sent

me a book of incidences where people died horrible deaths

I was stupefied that he would send me such a cruel book

All of these deaths indicated that the people lacked the

required amount of common sense to survive in this world

So, count yourself as Fit enough, if you have made it this far.