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The Energy We Hate Called Love

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Scientists and Old Jewish Mystics Talk of Energy Transferences

that happen every instant and yet people do get in the way

This causes all sorts of physiological and emotional upsets

when that human that emits the perfect energy to be received

by you at that instant, you are going to suffer if you don’t see it

for what it is and accept it as just another wonderful experience

and shut your mouth about what it could be or should be

or even try to push it away and hate it and rage at it because that

is so unscientific to rage at an energy source instead of move it

through your life to be of most beauty and purposefulness and joy.

Author: biochicklet

Scientist raised by intellectuals on poetry, theater, art, history and music in New York City. Escaped to New Mexico to nature and mysticism. Knowing that the absurdities in this life are what we must laugh at.

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