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Love as Conspiracy


I know I know, it is not healthy to keep dredging up the past

Then again there are so many juicy pieces of slop in the

latest “poetry”/ cryptic not Boyfriend messages, it is delicious

Wondering what this cult leader/ endless love thing is all about

Maybe some love spell or that you are that interesting, true that.

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She’s Getting “IT” for Free



Doreen told her to keep luring you with her “sex”

Not any forty something will do, she’s found that out

I’m sure that the women at tea last week are crazy

there is no telepathy going on, that’s just bonkers

It must be extra sensory perception, pay attention

to the connections between here and there, fascinating.

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Inviting Reality


She said I taught her Earth Science in my first year.

That whole year was a blurr with a 6 month old baby

being weaned, as I worked on classroom management

with fourteen year olds experimenting with mind altering.

In a crowd of 12,000 people she beamed that smile at me

I was cold stone, yet missing from the fellowship for months

A greeting from the great out there to where I feel realer. 

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On the Train


What was I thinking?

Taking my social anxious daughter

to a throng of crazy people in a crowd

We made it to the 11 pm train home

She fired up her laptop and began

to tell me the days News

Texas women have choices

The world makes sense sometimes