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Pleasure Me




“This morning the green fists of the peonies are getting ready to break my heart”

Mary Oliver

My horoscope says

life will  conspire to

pleasure me more in

the next few weeks

All I have to do is

be experimental

and spontaneous



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The scenario is that to change old ideas and continue on

requires the breaking down of all the connections there.

I envisioned it a swift falling into a heap of ashes, to rise from.

Instead this long process of breaking away could take years

I do not want to waste in limbo. I need your wisdom on how

to sabotage completely, since I am way too sentimental.

Unhappy Endings

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Sociological study

Both men and women have less successful romantic relationships if they buy into some fairy tale

I only bring this up because after 20 years of marriage I divorced and began dating

The MAJORITY of men on computer dating sites, for example begin a conversation like this:

“I bet you have never had a man treat you the way I will. I will take care of you and make you feel special”

“That is not true. I don’t need anyone to make me feel special. I have had great love. How about you?”

……..then there is the scariest shit I have ever heard of “well, then she vandalized my car…the restraining order”




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Not above plagiarism, I hijacked the word and image from a feel good writer of New Age books I know.

It’s all about your attitude “they” say, so the experiment this morning is to look at only the beauty.

Brain Chemistry is tricky in that if the fuel it self defeat and discouragement it snow balls toward death,

Got a call to tutor a woman who had hit bottom and wants to be a nurse, I can tutor her in Chemistry

as a service work that I am dead sure about these days. The subject matter has to clear in the mind.

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My Kind of Black Mood



Cawed that $37.00 was highway robbery for a copay for a well check.

Sat there eating blueberries when they wanted me to eat cake and icecream.

Then in the completely silent room with all looking so ridiculously somber

Hawwww Hawwww belly laughed at a sarcastic comment, peck your…..