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There making a new way in the world

fitting in with rusty tools trying them out

finding an anachronism is misunderstood

given new shiny promises of purpose and

acknowledgement of talents and charisma

not the famous or spot light type at all

a huge mistaken identity of a caretaker

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Plotted and carried out with technicolor precision

a straight jacket could wrap it’s arms around you

protect the hearts of  lonely writers suffering 

your destruction will hobble an entire life and

your conscience will provide no restitution 




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Artists Have Enough



For months I had coffee at this hip spot

this guy was raw and jumpy as hell

charismatic, talented and full of life

a long hair came in one day and I heard

one day at a time and it confirmed suspicions

he sat next to me in another room white knuckling

he was home and I was always his family and he knew 

that his talent didn’t booze it oozed and life is renewed

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Standing By



All people who have made changes in their own lives

owe it to our society to talk about how life can be better

As a scientist I mentored hundreds of students designing

experiments for medical research, conservation and toxins

they became the citizens that protect and investigate

knowing the war raging in your own body and mind

due to addiction makes you the only spokesman for change


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Spidey Senses


Within just a short month one of these predators

can take over your entire being without much

notice and imperceptible harm while they devour

everything that they covet of your personality

if only the last victim could speak of their true nature

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Unexpected Loves


will never trust a person who says they love at the drop of a hat

no doubt it is their only way of recovering after another leaves them

but a caring for a stranger from out of the wide Universe is impossible

although it happens often when their painful  bottoms are in full view

this one though created something that has it’s own life and may be

the pathway to self love that was invisible even after all this hard work 


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a small child that has been abandoned so much

is damaged so deeply that a spiritual numbness

 completely unnatural repertoire in what should be

free expression, a protest or anger in a feeling being

they want to believe your delusional justification

because no one can stand by and watch child abuse 

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Tree of Life



her story is that she made an avitar in an online sober meeting

then she started flirting with a sober man in Canada and was so

crazy she ended up moving there and living with this sex bomb

for about 6 months as he emotionally abused and nearly died

the delicate white cotton floats everywhere along the river in spring

the magick is not in another person you can capture in your hands

it is in your sharing of the incredible lightness of being after a near fatal brush