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Women who will Nasty You


To destroy misogyny we have to hurl nastiness!

Good women follow the rules they write for us.

The nasty ones are brave enough to speak up,

to risk being called names, dismissed.

I was 19 when a College professor attacked me

He got a swift kick in his manhood

I skipped the middle man,Nasty woman that I am

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The Great Pumpkin rises from the pumpkin patch…

a demigod, from the mind of a children’s story.

My Evolutionary Psychologist says we have Mystery Instinct

That makes us attracted to supernatural beings, supernatural events.

Our Social Groups teach us the moral lessons that are hard wired.

Then we see our world invaded by one so frightening, so repulsive.

He calls out to annihilate the Enemy. That is too much. End this now.