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The Old General Store

IMG_20150422_181310 (1)

Indelibly uncool from that moment in Amsterdam

wearing a red white and blue tank top in the seventies

Always too early to the fashionably late party of artists

She asks my scientific story, which is mystical to me

but a Peta confessional to the barefoot poeta, I squirmed

To begin our Earth Day rituals, she handed me the box of matches

So I knelt on the plywood floor, igniting the flower bowl with shadow

rabbits of our imaginations, mother Earth greetings beyond Hallmark

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Peek a Boo


Today when you talk to a person and hope for some compassion,

try looking through their spectacles on a world view, think tolerance.

If their “program” has so thoroughly brain washed them, you’ll get the spiel.

Nod and move on because that is all they can give. You can’t buy bread at a

Hardware store! Use your keen sense of smell and whiff out that warm bakery.

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Recovery they say is after they reach their bottom

Down there so deep, some moment of clarity occurs

In the sludge of a delusional mind I argue there is no

light that can shine on the wrong direction, no surfacing

Yesterday at the disabled persons employment agency

the bubbly woman said, “Come on Smile” and her face

muscles under so much pressure to look good, just floated

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On the Day of His Birth


How on Earth a militant atheist poet

becomes a Holocaust denying White christian

deserves at least a contemplative thought or two

When you are shunned by your University and

your old friends think too much time alone has

made you join the Prayer Tent crowd, well the

empty seat in your life makes for lots of narcissistic

video production with beveled mirrors and many hats.

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Caught on her cell phone around their campfire

This guy sells green chili in Portland and came to

talk to the growers in the southern part of the state

Now cowboy poetry is a very strong brew,

stir in the kisses with a long cactus spine.

Roll down those White Sand dunes then

bring my baby home for a walk with the Iris

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Old News


The 90 year old red neck man sitting next to me,

just related all the stories from the evening news

to his black friend that has trouble speaking after

a stroke: big mouth Hillary, asleep in cargo section

a Tornado in Eugene, I told her as we knelt to tease

the Carps into nibbling at our fingers, and she said

all my roommates in my house are in Love with each other.

What is love but supporting and hearing the other?

I suppose I will Love you forever just because you

are so damn funny. I told her to Please tell her father

she has a skill to do hand done tattoos,( without college)

She said Why? The daily news is just so damn funny.


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All Encompassing


Weirdness has invaded every nook and cranny of my life

There is a 24 year old guy sending me messages daily

That 3 foot Christmas tree is still in my backyard

Delusional that I can talk to poet turned white supremacist

My vase is grounded in fragrant hyacinths and my sink is clean

Having a laugh on the bizarre side of an unstructured life

Would I trade it for your order and properness, probably not


Mother Lode


This is the visit where I regain my parental groundings.

She texts “Duh” when I didn’t check voicemail first, such disrespect!

I get that teens and young adults do this power struggle thing

They feel completely invincible, the world is their oyster,

we have done nothing right in our entire lives and the snide remarks

are for our own good. To get us to be hip like them.

I am here to model humility, unconditional love and

how Mom’s slightly lower a notch from that know it all perch.