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Woman Give Birth and then Age


My eyes were drawn to the strangers’ belly, full with fetus

Three non mothers exclaimed “No way a baby exists in there”

Such a tight cubicle of vessels exchanging fluids even kicking

She will have this child and then it will move far away, separate

As she grows old there will be a birthing of the story of their oneness

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There at the outdoor market was a urn full of white peacock feathers.

Should I buy them to add to my melanated collection, there in my bedroom?

It took a eerily long time to walk away without one that afternoon, $2 each.

A few days later in a film, science vs, the white peacock was her symbol of the

Soul, perhaps to pass from one life time to another, with windows to Soul.

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Body Parts


Funny Story

My sister had no children and kind of critiques mine

I sent her a photo that said “Kate’s Latest”

She responds Eeeewwww! I can’t even tell which body part that is!

Kate is a talented tattoo artist and this is some guys back

Her boyfriend’s father said upon looking at a photo “Your dog is ugly!”

Holy Crap just telling me the story made her eyes bug out

We are so funny, with our brains as body part, part masochist

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Tell Me About Beauty


Men talk about it all the time in a way that makes me want to drink!

The uglier the Son of A Bitch is the more he talks about pretty pretty.

Some day I will find that blind man I have yearned for all these years

He will tell me how my soul shines and how my laughter reels him in

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Slave for Love


Those black shackles will be on display at the Wash., Black museum.

Notice that she has to buckle herself at the ankles in order not to topple.

This kind of bartering sex for security is not a slave trade I’m willing to make.

He said he outgrew Shaman practices and I tried to make an esoteric joke,

but it fell on his cold, judgmental, imprisoned heart and I became free of him.

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Green With Envy


Amputating a leg would be easier

than when I miss my garden.

Taking the tour

I admire her history with these perenials,

grieving my displacement and failures.

She plots the death of the peonies that sag,

usurped by a variety that will hold their own,

progress, whatever.

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Chasing Lilacs


Bloomed here last month, right now in Santa Fe

Next month in Taos and then June in Chama

The cold weather delays a spring like that.

Now that my father is being incorporated into

an ant hill, I feel as if I will be forever chasing

the good memories, just because the bad ones

just like to show up whenever I am needing warmth.