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Your stenopad is on drugs and never gets even close to the truth.

How provincial was your upbringing and experiences that you

can’t really draw a characterization of a real man with depth.

Your goal is to tear down another’s life to neutralize your own.

I will give you a hint here. No fingers were pointed or escape into

nihilism but a human process of acceptance and grieving turned

into a family that isn’t  one his mother promised him. A creation

of his own fears and misunderstanding and a drama of true love.


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People Who Shame

ASglitter6 (1)


People who can’t see things clearly try to stigmatize young people with

Communicative, Social and Muscle Coordination differences that make

it harder for them to fit in and learn in a regular education setting and at home.

My sister who never had any children looks on her niece as defiant and that’s it.

Of course she hasn’t seen her since she was 10 and she has a mental health prejudice.

I am her mother and I know the workings of her mind better than anyone and

she sees just about everything around her in a way that is different from most 

of us. It makes her unusually creative, funny and curious. Shame on you for your ignorance.

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You just won’t be Happy until you have your own version of post WW 3

I say we retreat into the country and water the Hydrangea bushes

I don’t think you are a real person until you see a baby born or grow a garden

(by the by this is KV Player Piano futuristic )

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I Got No More Bullshit



Week Two of no chit chat

People who have nothing interesting to say will not

get a word out of me anymore. I can’t BS anymore.

Tom sat next to me and I was just looking ahead

He said “Hello”. I said “Hmm”.

He says. You sound like “Hello Newman”.

I said “Hmm”.

Then he asked me about a crazy woman I barely

knew but maybe 4 years ago I warned him to

not date her because she was crazy. He did. Then

when he caught her taking pills from his medicine cabinet

he said. You were right. He’s on my BS no more list.

I said “Hmm”.

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dalechihuly2 (1)Chihuly


Santa Fe’s Institute of American Indian Arts was treated to a lecture by Dale Chihuly

He had an exhibit here about 12 years ago at the Albuquerque Museum, with a film

Everyone on this Earth should see his glass sculptures Venice and Jerusalem are where

he put his latest installations. Light passing through glass. I will never forget his pieces I’ve witnessed.