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Weakened Exhausted


Urban dictionary says these dervishes talk as if whirling

words and thoughts have no coherence, just driven by

an ego that must hear itself round the clock, repeat the

stories that feed it’s widening skirt or celebration of self

Rumi would have walked out on you buddy, empathic

as always this one’s annoying personality was  dizzying

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The neighbor’s cat came down the tree

so I gave her my ancient cat’s leftovers

he will stay there curled up on the sofa

for the duration, but I plow through this

It is really quite light and sweeps away

Living alone makes storms a challenge

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She is So New Age


Trying to land the Townhouse from this strange man

His 14 year old had Measles and he blamed his ex

Not vaccinating her against the virus was her fault

“Don’t Worry” said the man at the bar

“If you have been given the shot, you’re ok”

For now. It waits dormant along your nerves

to remind you that you are a host to many

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Meeting Men


He started speaking to me in French lentement,

but the din was so loud that my head hurt when

I was describing eating a Skate at a French restaurant

and he started talking about his maid service Wait!

Please tell me how you get from food to maids

Oh, I am quite deaf

Then the very next day a man limped by me and smiled

he sat down and tried to tell me something but he could

not form the words, You had a stroke. He laughed and nodded,

the Universe is very very weird

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You Should Have a Heaven


So snobby about MY science,

it is so sensual, come on sexy even.

Biologist tease open owl pellets

and chart snowy bird diets by lean/bumper years

Gathering excretions from mats of fungal growth

I can see you are all excited for each plume on a gull

While a physical scientist calculates it’s probability

of being here or there, we rejoice in all metobolites

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“Happy Thoughts make Happy People” she said to me, a paid client, upon our first meeting.

I need to run by someone, decisions I need to make. “You need help with decisions” she parroted.

Who am I kidding? After that wind and snowy storm last night, the car door was frozen shut..

Passenger side opened to a tiny snow drift just big enough to wrinkle the birth certificate I sat in.

line for an hour at the Records department yesterday and left on the seat. My daughter loses her ID.

every 6 months or so, this time proof of birth also. It seems futile to try to keep order. The Universe.

just seems hell bent on entropy and throwing a wrench into any motor I even try to keep running..

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Believing that the crocuses will return under a blanket of melting snow

is based on many years of experiencing the miracles that nature showcases

Yet believing that the pain inside of me will ever subside is most difficult

without you here to remind me that I have only this season to live today