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Matt spoke tonight

he first got sober at 15 and did not drink for 5 years

he said that he was radical about not drinking but did

none of the work and one day drank again and spent

a year and a half  totally crazy running drugs and guns

when he came back he had been kicked out of the

Marines because he was pychotic and violent

all the men in his family were drunk and violent

he said he knew he was violent because it kept

people away from him and he was really very afraid

I think the rest of his life will be spent trying to

deal with being afraid and he does that by

talking  to other men that are afraid

he is crazy and very happy. I want that for

every crazy  alcoholic. The funniest thing

he said the other day is that if you go looking

for your inner child and find him, kill him

and grow up and be an adult.


Author: biochicklet

Scientist raised by intellectuals on poetry, theater, art, history and music in New York City. Escaped to New Mexico to nature and mysticism. Knowing that the absurdities in this life are what we must laugh at.

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