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IMG_20160130_125731.jpgHis book about customer service

made him gorgeous to the scared fan

Is this some fucking stop action Woody Allen delusion?

Reality says no one feels sorry for

Your mid life crisis, complete with

cheating on your wife and sex toy for your boy

In the tank of tentacled sessile beasts

Your love can’t with stand scrambled

Eggs in my mouth, immune to poison

Why couldn’t you have inspired me

Instead I have nightmares with

Semen being the only warmth.


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The Truth is like Poetry


What kind of Universe sends us a drunk Psychiatrist?

No,no you are thinking too simplistically, not drinking,

a man that can’t make eye contact. That wants to read

what another Dr said while his patient is sitting right there!

An emotional retard, a passive aggressive, a mega lo maniac.

It broke the ice a bit when I told her that the next cant be worse.

She rolled her eyes as I mentioned the hedge funder with the glass eye

had Asperger’s Syndrome. We know that most people f*#kn hate Poetry.


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Warp Speed


They all look like this to me

monstrosities of selfishness

How will my story end?

Will I drink him into acceptability,

will I cloister away like some marm,

will I be walking into a poetry reading

and hear your poetry again?  Stay tuned…