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Retraining My Mind



The subconscious finds great value in revisiting the pain

How else to fight and flight in the face of such disturbance

I am the observer, the bird watcher peering through binoculars

The surface of the water is indeed calm, my breath is deep

Quietly, the pain does not enter this scene, my body releases it.




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Selfish and Self Centered



Already predicted that some of those people that were so enthusiastic to say

they are all ready to help, are the ones that care only about their “image”

Got off the phone with a “therapist” with the most lilting voice that was canned

and phony, Yep as long as the kid doesn’t have any “problems” she will lilt her

into a state of total confusion so that she won’t want her help, stamp here.

My suggestion that she write down information for a patient with a diagnosed

communicative disorder was, No we do not usually do that, well gee, we’ll see

Who wants their help?

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Chicken Bros


“The finest ingredients are brought together with LOVE and care,

then slow cooked to perfection. Yes, the old ways are still best at

Los Pollos Hermanos. But don’t take my word for it. One taste,

and you’ll know”

When you come back to Albuquerque I will take you

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Who Decides?



Discussed with a man, that he was told only a Higher Power could help him

We concurred that is not the truth

Discussed with a man, that only you can decide if you label yourself addict

We concurred that is the truth

Discussed with a man, that if his experiment to use was going badly there is help

We did not concur on what really badly was, or where there was help


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Not Their Idea of Beauty


You have to like the look, smell and taste even of dirt, to be a kindred spirit of mine

The dank and fermenting nature of a forest floor, so appeals to my desires to experience

what is wild and without human opinions, not green and plump, laced and thinly veiled

Decompose and then begin again in another form, we  count on the beauty of recycling

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A Mustard Seed



There is overwhelming evidence of negative forces

to see the powerful positive influence of a tiny seed

you must be a extremist in your faith in life

that it will find any way to continue and thrive

that we who nurture it in any way are the inheritors

of the most powerful forces in this Universe

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I am so cute and helpless



Who could imagine anyone harming me?

Wait fur traffickers that want money, ok

Who would ever harm a child?

Unfortunately people with mental disease

have children all the time and cause them 

Trauma. Not for money, but for control.

Listen carefully to all the children in your life.

They have things to tell you.