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Damage Done


48 hours show is airing a show on

people that prey on vulnerable

This is my friend Casey who I

loved and who stayed straight

three years, he was vulnerable

We loved him, played, laughed

One day he picked up Meth again

a few months later he is dead











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Love Stinks


Don’t go on and on about the theory of love

It comes and it is red burning hot and breathless

Then the ego tells him one day that he never sailed

around the world or climbed Mt Everest and you just

hate his guts for being such a vastly un loyal scank

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For ten years this hung above my bedroom door

Wila Catha wrote “Where there is great love there are always miracles”

Took it down one day and lent it to a young man in much turmoil

He ended up drinking around the clock and losing all his poccesions

throwing his paintings in a dumpster and can’t remember what happened to her

I was a child once and was abused, I was a childike once and it was worse

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I Tried Optimism


Well well. It wouldn’t save the quote “Road To Ruin”

but this will do. As a scientist I believe in experiments

and I believe in Proof. Sacrificing and praying all those

years in humble celibacy and service to others left me

with none of the things I want in this life. Chump no more.

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Now as moving as this story is to a former teacher

This is what the prompt turned out to be this day

What if you staying clear and true to what you believe

is most important in life, is what you teach others

The teacher may be the object of resentment for

standing up against some people, but the lesson

will always sink in with time, because there is no

ulterior motive. Just to be heard and be free to express.