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In Situ Flowers


Indulge my spring exuberance.

London designer floats them

on invisible threads from up

above, so you can get a ¬†bird’s

eye view of blossoming.


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Fucked Up “How are You?”


Excuse the words I use to describe my mental state.

That people ask me that question all the time and they

don’t want to hear the truth, right? So I isolate in my

new house trying to make it a home. Brooding about

change in my world is hard enough. Out there, jeez louise.


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He – emo

She- Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Fantastic that he came up with a name for her

this annoying Hollywood bride-o-Frankenstein

that talks perky-fast and saves him from his uptightness

so he can be childlike and hopeful and save the world

She needs to get to a shrink and get some mood stabilizers.