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Prayers Not Answered


Y’All mean well but you have no idea how hard I have tried

Now it is time to just give up the ghost and see what happens

Today I go to a DNA lecture Sunday a Sierra Club Parade

Just an empty hull walking in death, where is HE? Good Grief.


Hoping that I would hear the latest CSI DNA technology

Instead it was a pencil pusher for the coroner’s office

Good Grief


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Poe Toaster


Do you miss your cognac on January 19?

Could your ghost smell the 3 roses laid?

Was writing your happiest life or was your

dark writings what you had to do to live

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1965467_800950383281773_6360419701161509416_o (1)

Dripping with the river’s waters on a Yellowstone morning

Heavy wool drenched and steaming in the cold air drying

Most serious tasks and feats in bringing the young safely

No contemplating that life is unfair or beyond one’s abilities

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Pet Peevs


Get away, with your animal dressed as a martini

The joke ended Suicide Hotline Pakistan: “Can you drive a truck?”

Librarians that Shh me because I need to take a quick call (like whispered)

Text from a guy I don’t want to talk to, but he thinks he is too cute to resist

Liars, that raise such a fuss about their idiot ideas, they believe themselves.