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You Can’t Help Being Hypocritical



Thann, that’s write it is spelled wrong

you got me as usual psychotic as I am

What’s the God-like plan today?  to write

off this as a Secret-like rendezvous with

the Mothership held over in Chicago

on account of Global Warming? Wellwell

enjoy this tidbit of smoltz, you moved

us all and we were glad we met you and

we wish you a sober and sane tripz. 

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I love your poetry but you are not using the tools

there is nothing to let go” to”……..for most it is just

letting go of Shame: the message others put on you

When I was on fire that first month I told about a

dream I had the night before about a blue butterfly

with a broken wing and that the members lifted it up

My charismatic man shared after me ” My life is no

fucking butterflies. I saw a man blow his brains out

in a meeting”. Well, he didn’t blow his brains out

because of the meeting. Addicts are very desperate

people. Let go of the idea that you aren’t incredibly

blue and beautiful.

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I am Responsible



I know there is a Catholic Church because they have a Pope

There really isn’t such a thing as “one” twelve step anything

there are people that gather and do what they want 

there was a 20 something heroine addict that used to make

coffee and smoke cigarettes outside and then he started

stealing the safes. No one really blames the 12 step model

for his behavior or even heroine, it is just one person

I wish him well and maybe someday if he doesn’t die of an

overdose he will stop stealing from other people.

No moral to this story except that I was there to thank

him for making coffee and to encourage him to get help.


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Any Lengths

Can you imagine trying to talk a drunk in off a ledge

the problem is their reality is so distorted you could

never predict what they will do in a lethal millisecond

Now imagine a sober drunk using the twisted thinking

that has kept him medicating his entire life and then

push him off . How have you reduced Harm I ask you.

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Twas brillig and the slithy toves


Since I refuse to be subjected to analysis anymore

because they are the craziest people I have ever met

I will confess to a few obsessions of late

The Ass for one

I never had much of one and I know men like them so

I have been drawn to looking at people’s asses lately

Beyonce has a beautilishous one I can see that

a woman who calls herself “Baby” has a humungous one

that everybody turns their eyes from because when

she stands up you can see like 6 inches of crack and 

there is lots more where that came from “shudder”

Maybe these superficial phases in my everyday world

help to distract me from thoughts of hate and death

and what will happen next and how I will ever find 

a friend that I can really identify with and love