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Suggest before not After



Escaping to a relaxed state is good practice

then she asked if I had had energy work

not much, would I mind, why no, go ahead

music was a woman singing which took up

brain time fishing for the lyrics lazily.

Did I see colors? or have an out of body? huh

I am preoccupied in thinking as usual

was I supposed to believe something?

I am really not in the mood for that these days.


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Make Believe


Live at The Mermaid Lounge

what was the song?

I believe that so much of what the brain conjures up

is complete fantasy and maybe tied to memories

what you know to be real for you I can only hear

from your lips which I watch turn up at the edges

when you have your guard down, which isn’t allowed

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imagejpeg_2 (9)

                Double Double Toil and Trouble

A man joked that there should be a TV show

“Everyone Loves E___n” , what a cosmic joke

because I don’t feel Love at all. What I feel is

pity that they love someone who can’t Love.

Yet I am very affectionate because I love touching.

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my heart



determined for what?

Kate got her 1″ bunny salt and pepper shakers 

Hannah and the British children grew up

wished for a meal to explain and I sulk

Cisco squeezes me in for coffee

sharp blades could do it for me


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526601_430774400349059_2057417872_n (1)


right now that body doesn’t do anything for me

jeez is that a baby drunk God? I’m so confused

my post brain likes to play Well I can drink with

him because it is cool. Luckily I have crossed

all mortal men off. I will only drink with a prophet.