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Who do you Love?


“The most beautiful people we 

have known are those who have known defeat,

known suffering, known struggle, known loss

and have found their way out of 

the depths, these person’s have an

appreciation, a sensitivity, and a 

understanding of life that fills

them with compassion.

Beautiful people

do not

just happen.” Elisabeth Kuber-Ross

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I have never had a message, how dare this witch say mine is dangerous.

Do what you feel comfortable with, don’t worry what other people are doing.

That is not to say I don’t listen to people and consider the wisdom of an action.

Vulnerable people do all sorts of wacky stuff and it is no body’s fault, you can’t 

control them, it is just a safe place to think and to find friends. My places are.

The conversations are about inside me, and the emotional states that are effected.

Under the influence I have delusions of grandeur and tend to manipulate and lie.

Here in my living room I am open and unafraid you will harm me with ideas.

Witness that real love is not a goal or dogma, it is me celebrating you and you me.



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Wide Open


She was telling me how wonderful her new walk up in Chicago is.

I closed my eyes and remembered Park Slope Brooklyn, staying

at my sister’s apartment, the neighborhood stores, the park right

there. She said she can walk a block and meet up with people.

I need a big sky that is all there is to it. I visit big oceans too.

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Alien News



If you haven’t had an anal probe lately

Come visit Roswell for XMAS, the streets

are decorated with little green men glowing

for the holidays and lots of ET gift ideas

I personally think I meet those of the 

mother ship all the time. I try not to give

them too much information about the

real people of this planet, they seem to

think we are all interested it twerping our

lives away, which is kind of convenient for them.