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Craving those vibrant zinnias from the old neighborhood

We drove over the river to the place where they farmed them.

There on the road was a pure white peacock trying to make it across

Lost the interest in color, when that bird drained me in fear for its  safety.


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Birds tweet on my ring tone.

“Hello Sally”

“Yes, I know. I was outside last night. Didn’t see a thing”

During the brain washing, I took every shooting star as a sign

The rejected dater told me his ADD meds were off and that explains

why he sounded crazy on the phone. Medicines induced him to feel

he was performing at a fantastic level of clarity (like a great Coke high)

Brain damage from Chemotherapy is a real thing because I wish I could believe

but the Chemistry just isn’t right anymore. Try getting cold stone after 50 years.

Nothing like it to make a miracle happen and license plates spell You Got This.




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Molon Labe. Come take away my tears.

Documentary on LBJ’s handling of the assassination.

The clip clop of the horses pulling that flag draped casket.

Climb your glass sheathed tower of delusion.

Sticks and Stones in your privileged playgrounds

they do break our bones, you orange monster.

Spin your words of hatred and watch your handy work.


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Grandpa was a mensch and Shirley provided all the snarky genes.

You Normal Rockwell families celebrate upturned noses and musical talent.

My pool is filled with maniacal genius, depressives and delusional poets.

Natural Acceptance took me a life time with regular analysis

but long lost Hawaiian brother of my father is clearly speciation

a lava flow of a breeding ground for unheard of Republicism!

Following my father’s death I made the mistake of Friending him

and now I have to watch for racist, misogynist, Trumpisms

The latest was a challenge to an article on Evolution

“Please tell me Ellen, how life comes from non life”

C-H-O-N-S to mention a few ingredients.