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Siblings Rival


My brother started a war with my father.

He ran him out of our Victorian mansion

he sold off all my treasured heirlooms.

My memories for my mother who can’t

He sent another cold hearted email

describing her loving photo albums

as crumbling. He scanned them though!

The agony of being related to his

heartlessness, is unbearable.



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In the Name


I don’t usually hang in tight knit groups

When I tried it once, I noticed I felt pressured to conform

Maybe do something that I didn’t believe in because the

rest of the group was saying it was being part of.

I am going to see the Shack.

My Christian friend gave it to me to read years ago.

I had a bussomy black nanny when I was young

a god with that kind of hug is for me.

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What new hell is this?

I just said I would pretend to be friendly

I didn’t say you could, you know grab my _____!

The ladies on the VIEW played my next move

over and over about 20 times.

I swatted your filthy hand off

my Republican trousers.

My last CPAC with the alt

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WAR..what is it good for


Someone said Trump is a guy that wasn’t beat up

enough when he was young, so he thinks he’s tough

Now all the bullies are coming around, flying too close

and sending off warning rockets, while this fool can’t

even stop lying about his Electoral College win

You bet it’s a shit sandwich General!

Don’t anyone take a bullet for

this putz.