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The Helpful thing to do would be to say hello,

I know you are doing the best you can and I called

to make you Laugh! I will not tell you to LET GO AND LET HIM!

That is crazy making on all levels. Don’t even try to call it faith,

my friend just died of a brain tumor, I don’t have enough money

to make it through this “magical time of the year”. Where’s my Magi?

I bought the kid a coloring mandala book yesterday. I am a realist!

My Imaginary Friend decided that my problems were too big

or that your shaming me for not Letting Go, needed to be Let Go!

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Out of Sight Out of My Mind


The Annual Christmas Party brings

on the fond memories of fellowship.

If you can be a mover and a shaker

in such places, I was one of the winners!

Yesterday an IM to my protégé

asking him to give a hug in my stead.

Don’t even need an obituary on this one

she was manic, paranoid self destructive

Queen. All those sad poems about death

just don’t sound right for the self inflicted.

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Build an Ego with Legos


Phew, the kids’ Meta tarsal is not fractured after all,

but I don’t get out much these days, watching too much TV.

I just watched a commercial where these brilliant kids were

holding what looked like their own Inventions, space crafts,

architectural beauty ala Frank Lloyd, their own

brilliant visions of their future environs.

Wait. Those are made of plastic pieces,

my vulnerable brain hijacked by Christmas.

Fell for the dark haired guy in sunglasses that signs

that is just another Ponzie Scheme for my heart.


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I will hear your laugh forever


Some looked at your face,

and saw an angel of sorts.

You let me see your mischief!

We were too smart for evil

telling it we were tough hombres

so just go ahead and Fuck Off!

Scientifically you dealt with that

brain tumor until it said sorry dude

this is not going to work, then you

fed the dogs, painted and laughed

just as you always had then slept.