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On Top of The World, not


Weight loss took me to a sexy size 6

Had a wonderful post divorce paper tryst

Boom, annual exam, 1cm tumor left breast

Fast forward, a year later bald and brain damaged

Go ahead, take off your makeup for a day

Pink is a creepy color in my world

Instead love a person with cancer

you can’t “catch” IT



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To Mock a Killingbird


He said that there was no color, except in his pants.

I missed the joke, maybe it was about skin and races?

Poems that make me laugh out loud are my favorite

and he read one and I did, and people are why it’s funny.

Because they are crazy and extreme so much of the time.

We are funny all of the time in our wild and colorful thinking.



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Your Inner Fish – A Chapter-by-Chapter Review

very thorough

Cassandra's Tears

Neil Shubin should be a household name.  The fact that he isn’t is just another example of the pitiful science education (both formal and continuing) in the US.  Dr. Shubin found an organism that, for all intents and purposes, is the perfect transitional organism between fish and amphibians.

Further it is an amazing example of the predictive power of science in general and evolutionary theory in particular.  But I’m going too quickly.

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Contemner of men it says:

He asked how my move was going.

Then he said he  went out with 4 women

“none gave him the primal, physical attraction”

I suggested he wanting a “sex kitten” was shallow

He said that he never thought of himself as that LOL

I told him that on Central there is a woman that would

have him. Hey! You don’t know him. That IS helpful.


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It’s song serenades my reading of Marcel Proust

All drive and no thoughts of incompetence

a nest must be built and eggs laid, obstacles are

many but not personal, bird brains are wiser

Mine always has reservations and indecisions

as a complicating and thwarting symphony of fears