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Define Nocturnal


Aren’t some problems just so ridiculous they should not be allowed?

Some wild animal has made it’s way into the ceiling vent and gnaws all night.

I actually feel much compassion for the unidentified beast in an inappropriate home.

Yet, I could kill with my bare hands my Gas lighting land lord

“My pest control expert says mice stay inside during the day,

other animals have to go out and eat” when I said let’s send

the worker to shine a light into the vent space. Then he suggested

killing it without even knowing what it is, just to get me to stop asking.

Animal Lover that I am.

















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The phone rang and she said “The Dr. can’t see you then,

he has Clinic”. I read that he ate wafers of it to get by.

The walls were thin.

We heard the addict.

She screamed “Don’t touch me”

“I don’t want you for my doctor.”

PTSD seems like a hangnail today.



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Flat tires in Two days

Turns out her wheels are not aligned.

Going into debt to replace both Toe Bars.

The cardiologist called my heart valves beautiful

With all this wear and tear of late,

suppose it’s more practical than a butt