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She grabbed the white pollo,

the one she meticulously bleached

all summer, and she took a black marker

and scrawled FUCK TRUMP.

Then she covered the car with similar

signs made on legal paper and packing tape.

She hasn’t been the same since.

I wish I was a blind goat some mornings

that could find comfort in a duck suit.

Yesterday I grabbed the 4th of July Flag

and almost took a Bic lighter to it.

Those people don’t even have a dog!



New York Says 86% Hate You


Gawd, who on earth would feel at home in this place.

Maybe a 14 year old Saudi Prince that had no taste.

Whoppi says it every day, go away, leave us alone

We don’t want concrete barriers and your cloud of hot air,

on our Thanksgiving Parade. Go to Florida like a dirty old man.

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Millions of Emails


Am I dense or what?

How can emails make her a criminal?

How many years have passed?

Is doing what others did, make you bad?

Are we going to have to see his dick?

Is the FBI gaslighting me?

Burn her at the stake

because she has a vagina.

I am burning my Woman card and saying Fuck You.