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The kid got me to buy a Hillary won bumper sticker

I am all for whatever it takes to survive this BS

I am meeting some poets at a restaurant on Friday

There will be poems, food, music and a melodrama.

No Drama Obama is resting, and this Drama Queen

is estimating his audience at 2.5 million more than reality

Sound familiar?

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Fake News


I read this morning that the Israelis have some

graphic photos of Trump’s foreskin. That he will

get the UN’s condemnation of the settlements

reversed just to keep his schmeckel away from the press.

I would rather die in a mushroom cloud then to

accidentally see that shit. I saw a white supremist on the View

talk about how he was deprogrammed for hate, wrote a book

and became best friends with a Muslim son of a murdered elder.

I think there is hope for everyone that has a sense of humor.


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Doggie selfie, how funny.

The movie preview is a reincarnated dog,

and the poet sat down because he couldn’t read about his Grandmothers’ death.

The guy next to me said “that’s what it’s all about”

I thought, yeah unstable emoes! But said “the emotions that must come out”

Damn I miss your snarkyness. There is no one to banter with.

The lonliness is getting old.

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I’ld be the very last woman to body shame another but

“Hot Damn” that is one healthy hank to hoist on stage

There is nothing demure or coy about this act, right?

She basically is selling that thang, right?

I think the 8 inch stillettoes are a perfect

metaphor for where women are paid to stay,

in the sexually fantasies of pigs like Trump.

The rest of us just will have to stay deep in

the woods until this whole patriarchy blows over.