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Biblical Scholars


Improbable Odds, I couldn’t know because I have never studied “God”

not from any historical description or from any sermons or indoctrination.

I would say that this put me at an advantage to explore my understanding.

This search in the context of my own life, with my own personality makeup

considering the unique traumas and fears that reside in my soul and rule my

behaviors. Certainly any higher power that would be known would  reach me

through miracles of hope and intuitive coincidences.

The stuff that kept me alive throughout a troubled childhood


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Nishikigoi Nhoj-lrac


Language has a most  loyal steward

Sinuous body, waterfall of adversity

perseverance over all rocky obstacles

strength of purpose in unclear waters

vaulting evils, authenticating dragons

reflection of your gaping lips,gasp,filling

lungs with life affirming  breath, really love

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Crazy Crazy users love to make up crap about sponsorship

all they do is read the books with you and listen to your steps

Now I need someone like this that I can call up on the phone

at 3 o’clock in the morning and say “I can’t sleep. What am I going to do with the rest of my life. I’m freaking out. Help!”

but I can’t find someone that says:

eat some chocolate


watch Jeff Jefferies

call me if you are going to kill yourself or get fucked up

I Love You

Damn why do I have to do everything myself?



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Hair and Face



The last time I cared about a man’s hair and face

I think was in the Netherlands in the late seventies

Though I get that other women like to play with these

I suppose it seems  hypocritical since marrying

a man with a nice head of hair and a pretty face

he lost the hair and his face got wrinkly

he wrote, he rode horses, he played harp, he danced

he laughed, he fucked, he read, he created things

when I saw your face I thought you looked afraid

then you smiled and laughed and you were

beautiful though not brevirostrate



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Saint Anthony



I just called a woman that wanted to go to the Casino 

tomorrow to eat Crab Legs

She is a native and a Catholic

When I told her Lucy was missing

she recited the prayer to St Antony

I want to be a carpenter and make a bench just like this

maybe if I pray to JC he will lend me his tools