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Summer Blues

jesus20moderno20gay (1)

This photo is NOT meant to be controversial,

It is 103 here in the Southwest and the forests are on fire.

Wished on a star last night to mix it up, prayers unanswered.

All intolerance must come from a psychological dis ease with

the hater, hating himself/herself/fill in gender preferences.

Heading to the Rio Grande for a dip. All who have love in their hearts,





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I am not a Cat Person


Is it You Carl?

The blogger that followed me with the cat pics

Now I am thinking you are the blog with the dog pics


Cheryl Strayed wrote a beautiful reply

in her advise as Dear Sugar.

She said there is no fuck!

The answer to that question

is, just get your rabies shots or not,

but keep breathing in and out and

don’t mess up the order