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Why Kill Yourself?



When Men Love You So Much?


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Self as Found


Recurring dreams were of wandering through a Victorian House

discovering secret rooms that were open only to myself and secure

These dreams were common and persistent, to seek out, to explore

I don’t have them anymore but am driven to discover what frightens me so

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The Peaks



They will forevermore be your cloud mountains

easterly giants that always tell the village a story 

aft today’s formations of Canadian geese against

climb and then rest from a treacherous rock face

Your breath is deep and lungs fill with cold memories

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Knowing Your Own Mind



What a clear mind allows is an evaluation on hearing of the justifications

They are still twisted and irrational, but free of delusion they don’t make sense

they do not appear not harmless and the future always unknown is mine to

decide my hand in and what my body has to say about all this intellectual quackary



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The Mind is a Useful Thing



Deaths of brilliant people are always want to shake our heads

where was their intellect, their expertise in helping them survive?

It was drowned in a sea of regret, resentment, fear and self loathing

and only a plethora of emoting can bring your head to rest on my lap

in the safety of health, inspiration, quiet and satisfactory peels of laughter