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My step father said I looked like “old money”.

That was me in a white suit and skirt.

I don’t wear white all that much anymore.

You can’t worry about going to a laundromat

after leaving your washer and dryer behind in the last move.

Once you lose that upper middle class status and become

a pay check to paycheck Mother, your kids wear denim and cotton.

The privileged have the Nanny do their braids.

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Holes in his head


This is where he wants to be buried.

Does he contemplate his mortality?

Or is he just worried about getting a reservation?

I’m with Mika. He is crazy and people that don’t

see that scare the hell out of me.

You should never play a round

with crazy people. Things get broken.

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What Big Ties You Have!


Little Red “Why do your hands look so small in person?”

Trump ” Small? I am Bigly in all ways”

Little Red “You mean your mouth?”

Trump “Listen Red Zinger you are a fake Riding Hood. I know my Riding Hoods and

you are a loser of one. Take this Electoral Map diagram and show it to the


Little Red ” I am going to the Climate March. See you in Court!”

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Dead Head


Trump was posing next to a deer head

He was pretending that his EO would free

National Monument lands for people’s use

Yeah, to kill more wild life

To exploit Resources

To let power hungry creeps destroy it!

Can’t you just see him stuffed and mounted?

Maybe a big wild pussy will end this debate.