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Unfriend Chris,. was a great phone call.

He could talk for hours.

The women loved that on the dating sites.

He was very careful to hide his disdain.

It was his first wife’s fault.

She was a rage-a-holic

He is a sick co dependent.

An Alanon that doesn’t touch a drop.

I’m a suspicious alcoholic.

He never was going to get it together to move back to Albuquerque,

dropping me as a friend for calling Gilda a bitch who abused her

husband endlessly he told me. I had always sensed his women

hating secrets. All his girlfriends were sexually abused by their fathers.

They all were oversexed he said. Hmm. A predator he was.



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I love you to the moon and back


Every Fourth Thursday the poet laureate will take us

on a writing walk along the Rio Grande Bosque.

The lightening shortened our trek and she asked us

to go home, write a Trite poem to the moon.


You Oh great Cheese One, I howl at your lumenence.

Draw me like the hackneyed ocean waters to your core

Have the cow take a threadbare jump over your orbness.

and inspire every poet to pine for those sterotypical faces

that left town and never sent me a copy of our book.


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Cold Weather


I was born on Groundhog’s Day

But my life has become ridiculous.

That’s not a good adjective.

Mind Numbing,

from the constant PTSD.

I sewed a button on my winter coat yesterday.

That was the closest to purposeful I’ve come.

I mailed my mother’s death certificate to

the college she taught at for 40 years.

They owe her!

Ring out the Old, they say.

I say bring on the new, or else.


Grief is Learned


Photos were once not taken every few minutes.

You had to wait for your mother to graduate from college,

and then to try to remember the exact year it was.

My little sister posted this on Facebook,

wishing that we really were ever those people.

Mom’s recent death being so horrible

that to remember her day is cathartic.

Who says life is short?

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I don’t mean to ruin your peacefulness,

have never suffered quietly on my own.

She is agitated by Harvey Weinsteinism,

screaming in the car that Al Franken must go!

Scared me to death but I won’t die,

like the cat won’t die, though he walks sideways.

She then jumped to my step father giving

my mother anti psychotic meds. You lied!

I live 3000 miles away. I planned it that way.

My brother claims he has brain damage due

to Lyme disease. I think he lied. I know nothing.