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Bad Breaks

Reality has never been clear

roomfuls of kids or adults all with

their own, mine not matching.

The ex texts don’t make any sense

just wanting to hurt me. Illogical.

Sober sex requires a How to book

absurd as that sounds

Not even a real heart to break

Bones and breaks and promises.

Giving up seems eventual

nothing abhors a vacuumn

Not anymore tragic than others

the infant on the outside just as fetal

to be at the begining or the end interchangeable

What wisdom has been gained in

A life jealous of death sometimes.

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The Smallest Violin

Issac Pearlman plays a piece

tears choke all beauty back

Looking for an antidote

which would release the curse

That man appeared today

from the dream. A premonition

What does it mean?

Tired of all the coincidi

Whales and Moons a Racoon’s dick

symbolize that I am fucked



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To Evanesce

To Evanesce.

Never purposely doing so

but puzzling over the stratagem

of gedarmes in salascious


Perhaps the first stage of a

coercive persuasion

practiced by a virtuoso

So humble the perpetrator

is to lay claim to be a


If only to bowdlerise

and gather desert willow pods

with a beautiful man

free of sabotage.

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Spotless Minds

No one need advise me how to

move forward, through or on.

Ready to do all three

Numb to pain

Devoid of Love

Waiting to change.

The full moon reminds me to hope

rain can’t be taken from me.

There you are seemingly stuck in my mind

Every message more than enough to pry

you loose.

Football season finally here to mark time

Nights of simple things easy thoughts

Nothing really comfortable

but dry sheets.

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Onion Moon

Evidence that people inept in all ways

could conceive of and carry out the voyage

is a miracle and they happen everyday

standing beside you being one.

Cruel to know you are on the same planet

and could tell me another reason

you would never love me.

Burning my eyes until the

colorless eyeliner

drips into my teacup

entropy rewarded.

Trouble of all kinds you say

and yet doubtful you predicted this

misery of my own making

having never met

a fool like me before.

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Country Drive

Never can any of us know exactly

which road is best to turn on.

Something to see and learn on all.

Haven’t seen a pygmy pony since

that last circus act. Noticing

how your free hand introduces itself.


Walking is easier to find the path

Whisper in my ear what the horses

are thinking makes all inhibitions fly.

Dreams are just like this

moods and lighting

loud thunder bolts

Symbolic bats guide us home.

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Low Tide

Walking slowly now,

watching my toes pick up

strands of seaweed.

Concentrated smells

salty sea life. I will

always visit again.

White sail red face

fascinated by the sand

in the hairs of your arm.


Oh My God it is so much

bigger than me so powerful

relieved to drown out my

thoughts briefly.

A thought to drink rum with you.

That was San Diego a long time ago.

You go ahead I will make

you laugh.