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My Science Meet Up


Sundays since March

I go to a church

We read from New Scientist

Paul showed up, an artist

when he talks he closes his eyes

He wanted to know why we didn’t

want to go on and on about fetal tissue studies

being an abomination

I sent him a message

My body my decision

If I wanted to talk about

sin, I would have gone

to the Anodyne.


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My Nature


She grumped “New Mexico is all brown. Diarrhea brown”

Purple sage, yellow chamisa, red native paint brushes.

The Artists homes wait with plates of fruit and cookies

but today is not to be an adventure. She cut off her hair again last night.

I always fear this signals the abyss so many people warn about.

Mango orange breakfast, piped in music

Just another plateau of the confused brain.


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What is Nice?


You must be used to talking to stupid people

I know NICE!

I celebrate NICE!

I am attracted to NICE!

It’s a walk in your vegetable garden

you picking the best eggplant you have

It’s you telling me how you learned to

paint in a new way and how much fun it was

Nice is so easy to spot

What isn’t nice is to

say I am “supposed to”

like your bullshit

Go Away!