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Writers Always Work


You know, any excuse to show Jack.

Talk to all these men about work work work.

Trying to see if they don’t have an Identity without

that work, career, upwardly mobile, obsessive label

Since I stopped working for a pay check

work is lots of things that one persists at,

anything that is creative and needs attention.

The last 3 novels I’ve read around the pool

sipping on iced coffee made me think, the

work of a writer is all in the head. Maddening actually.

That is why any good writer is never a dull boy.




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By any other Name


Their names are as beautiful as their petals

Hydrangea, Sea Foam Statice and Yarrow

Bought some Agapanthus just to say it for a week

Sweet tall spikes of Delphinium wake me each morning


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Woo Woo Friday


This would never happen to you.

There I was at a nice pot luck,

wanting to meet new people.

Throwing myself into uncharted

territory. The women relate

all their excursions with goddesses

and the men talk about energies.

Bedtime for me with a tinfoil

pyramid night cap. Maybe the YMCA.