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I have a degree in Biology. While in college I studied the behaviors of primates at the zoo. I went to Mexico to study the organisms in the tide pools. As a teacher I took students to the Riparian ecosystems to collect data on invertebrate diversity. This is called Ethology, the study of the innate behaviors of living things.

If you go to the zoo and pester a chimp he may open his mouth and bare his teeth as a warning of his displeasure. If a bird is stressed socially it may use it’s beak to peck at it’s feet nervously. All of the genetically controlled behaviors of life were selected for exactly as the physical traits.

Here is a mating love nest of a bower bird. The male constructs it and adorns it with objects of her favorite color (hopefully).1982121_679975785374311_1567628938_n


Now I want to observe more about humans. This isn’t exactly psychology because it is more about survival.

Most of these behaviors are not consciously performed. Most all will give each individual his own version of

reality. I believe that we need to communicate much more clearly in all our interactions. People these days seem to be relying on technology to say what they need to say. So much of the spoken word is easily misunderstood by others.

Count how often in your day someone attributes to you an emotion or belief you do not have, because they read something you said and did not understand your meaning.//


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Life moves and changes like the roads we follow, and it’s up to us to pay attention or find ourselves out in that cornfield. You are a personality of beauty, and that persistence of truth will lead you home.
    My blessings to you…

  2. I was just about your age when I finally found peace and contentment. I looked at myself in the mirror one day and found out I liked the guy I was looking at: imperfections and all. Suddenly my universe changed and I began to look outward as well as inward.

  3. I’ve seen videos of the bower bird! Pretty interesting!

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