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You won’t know what happened to you,

he does the switcheroo so quickly that

you start to question your own reality.

He is hiding something and has some

ulterior motive that you can’t quite crack.


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Many years ago I threw a house warming party

with my husband,

for a very special reason.

Wholesale florists delivered

a gardenia for my hair.

I was never more

enthralled by such

a beautiful scent

in all my life.

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Hurry Look, this is me Happy


Mother finally sent me a note and for the first time

wished that I have a Happy Mother’s Day, Miracle!

It was a few weeks late but the sentiment was years

late and my brother is a great father (despite his)

My kid is visiting in New York City, and today said

she was on the train to visit Grandma

I said “You are a great kid”

“I know I am, I love you”









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An Honest Computer Dater





Ok, he may be high maintenance but the reality is refreshing.

If you want to see what misogyny really looks like talk to a man

on a computer dating site and try disagreeing with his behavior.

What! Why can’t I objectify you, a stranger? That is how I roll.

You pretentious woman’s libber. I am all man you know.

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Annoying Nature


We raised our kids in the woods, always in nature.

My 24 year old is stuck in depression with severe acne.

I took her to a farm a month ago and the cottonwoods were blooming.

The outdoor restaurant served us Kale soup and fresh Quiche and lemonade.

She was so annoyed by the cotton flying by her face that she freaked out.

Yesterday we drove into the Jemez Mountains for a pic nic. She was so

annoyed that the sun was blocked by the clouds she wore the blanket on her head.

I began to hug all the trees and kiss the small green cones of the Ponderosa Pines.

I said kid you have to get over the annoying parts of nature, it is our life line.

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Biology of Godzilla

1810602_780cf736b9_m (1)

After all those years of fasting you would

think a predator would chow down.

Feasting on radioactive material, hmm

very illogical but it helps with the human

messing with the natural balance symbol.

News Flash Godzilla Savior of City, now

that is a stretch (what is left of it). If he

is nature regaining it’s forces and prevailing,

then echo..this. Nature is a bad ass and will

rear it’s massive head if you keep screwing with it.


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Biology off the Books

mike Q Brian H


Neither of my sisters procreated.

Their DNA was raring to be copied.

Alas, human beings are not just their

acceptable biology, they are their

tastes, heart felt identities and love,

which is years of being comfortable

with one special person, not the legions

of may fly sperm. A human union is unique.