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Arian #212


Not everyone has the genes,

but he can pretend to be blond.

Then we can leave DACA alone

and let the Dreamers stay in their country.





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Cute Nazis


For a minute, I thought it was You!

Doing your jew hating thing.

Then I knew it was the “look”

Same thing happened when

everyone was crucifying Martin Shkreli.

Greed aside, he sure has a cute smirk.

Then there is that one long, greasy

lock of hair, that makes me goose step.

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Tag You’re It


I get your Put Down,

only Cutesy bloggers would Follow me!

But I’ld Follow you anywhere to see if

your Poetry ever was resurrected?

Was that You on Facebook?

Posting people plunging to their deaths?

Aw. At least you still have a sense of mortality.

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Mad at the Moon



Light not of your core.

You are a dusty old

satellite that pulls the

waters by your gravity,

not your excellence.

My faith in your power

is something I never

speak of anymore

Don’t cry for me orb

I have moved onto

a plan to accept your

indifference to my

suffering and to howl

when you appear

Stupid plan of course

but in the absence of

Divine intervention a phase

I have to go through

Maybe randomness is next

to godliness, or on top.

My innocence is gone

but each night I say

goodnight dear moon.

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My Thunder Blanket


She said she wanted to take a kick boxing class

Wow! Yes! Great Idea!

I called the Women’s Crisis Line and asked for self defense classes

The appointment was for 4:30

She clutched her pink pepper spray canister in Starbucks,

glaring at the two men that made the hideous mistake of

sitting on the couches adjacent to her chair.

My God! She is gone. My usual frantic search of the

parking lot.

She slammed the door of my car! Some people like to sit alone!

The bald instructor demonstrated a taser knife

Good God! What strange shit will go down next.

I stare at the TV commercial of the dog owner

lovingly velcroing the frightened dog into it’s vest

Is there one in my size?