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The 90 year old red neck man sitting next to me,

just related all the stories from the evening news

to his black friend that has trouble speaking after

a stroke: big mouth Hillary, asleep in cargo section

a Tornado in Eugene, I told her as we knelt to tease

the Carps into nibbling at our fingers, and she said

all my roommates in my house are in Love with each other.

What is love but supporting and hearing the other?

I suppose I will Love you forever just because you

are so damn funny. I told her to Please tell her father

she has a skill to do hand done tattoos,( without college)

She said Why? The daily news is just so damn funny.


Author: biochicklet

Scientist raised by intellectuals on poetry, theater, art, history and music in New York City. Escaped to New Mexico to nature and mysticism. Knowing that the absurdities in this life are what we must laugh at.

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