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The meme said “The oceans are rising because Jesus cries every time we give poor children benefits”

Climate Change Evolution Measles Vaccines Zionist Oppression

take your conspiracy theorist pick of the day

the Creationist Republican denier menu

The message this morning was from a jet setter

making Oil deals with associates in the UK

My world is matching socks, fighting shower mildew

Don’t compare my insides to your outsides?

Yesterday I wore sandals and no socks

Last night’s storm is going to require major decisions

Whether to eat oatmeal or to join the Peace Corps

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Recovering From 3 Years of Stress


Oy Bubby

The way to get healthier is to get out of that place!

Hit the nature trails and breath deeply the new growth.

This is not a expose that is of any virtue, please tell me

you’re not digging into scripture again! Field Guides! Travel Brochures!

My Easter eggs make a wicked Devil’s . Say No to a shvarts yor.

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To Thine Own Self Be True


Men are wonderful (when they don’t mess with my head)

I joke around a lot with people but basically I am well mannered

Hurting people’s feelings is not something I will do lightly, you know

they have to do something that needs a Hello! Are you kidding me?

I guess these ruder types think that testing a woman to see what

she will tolerate is all kinds of fun and games. I am too hot to handle


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Messy Brains


If yours is neat, disciplined, unquestioning then contemplate

One that creates a holograph of real life including ant covered

Eclairs! Does that repulse you, send you running for the Raid can?

It makes me want to don my own tiara to escape orderliness

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Don’t Fix


Today I will look to the moment, there are spirits there

My Grandmother Shirley, gently washing my hands

Jullianne’s wild laugh, egging me on to scream out

Phillip’s gentle truth about unhappiness and loneliness

A light just beams the warmth of being

Lifeboat’s help you to a safe shore

Ladders lead you to greater heights

A shepherd only guides, they are not fixed

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Therapist with leopard skin shoes, says we are not broken

but without just the right love, we are unhappy, I say

What’s Left of Dave has no leg and his left arm is useless

Lovely Linda showed up one day to Love him Happily Ever

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Kate Writes Home


Pop Up cards are a big joke with my girls

“Made” them glue and draw for decades

of my Groundhog’s Day birthdays, this one

came over the Internet from Lima Peru

After a 30 hour bus ride practicing her Spanish

she says “when all is done, I will be stronger”

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Light and Spit


Retinal stimulations of the brain, sketched

carried back to the studio for interpretation

Impressions of sun’s rays on water, clouds

storming over the oceans of his memory

of a mother gone mad and sent away, far

off the women that cared for him knew

nothing of his obsessions for yellow, calm.