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Beginning All Over Again

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I have become such a moody woman. Changing my mind about self destruction,

is not what you do. You just want to lose weight or have more cardio exercise

because you know it is good for your heart. No, I have to stare down the throat

of a monster I have become in this dark period of not caring what happens next.

I have to have a woman come up to me at a book reading and ask if she knows me

then chase me out the door with a card offering spiritual healing sessions. No, I must

need an exorcism to vacate these demons that have sickened me to this state

Another 50’s something woman

dies, I could easily be the next

This morning with strangers

I walk.


Author: biochicklet

Scientist raised by intellectuals on poetry, theater, art, history and music in New York City. Escaped to New Mexico to nature and mysticism. Knowing that the absurdities in this life are what we must laugh at.

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