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Late afternoon after a session with the empaths,

thought I could bring a smile to the kids’ face

Her chocolate and iced coffee consumed, nary a word

Overloading on police violence and bigotry alone on

her computer, afraid to live her own life, secluded

The couple in the movie reminisced that before the

breach of trust, he could catch her by saying “Bitch”

and she would laugh saying “Asshole”, I got it.

She slammed the door and said “Only a man would

write a movie where a woman enjoyed being called a bitch”

Life has to be lived. It doesn’t come off true from a screen.



Author: biochicklet

Scientist raised by intellectuals on poetry, theater, art, history and music in New York City. Escaped to New Mexico to nature and mysticism. Knowing that the absurdities in this life are what we must laugh at.

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