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Thou Doth Protest Too Much


This idiot woman was talking about this cute guy that hunk those movie stars

I said in a very pissed off voice “What the hell do looks get you?” I find people

interesting that have values and stand up for things that they believe in, fight for

Yes an activist is a very sexy thing

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Killing the Billing



I just can’t argue politics, I leave that to better minds

When he said the President was evil, I just said bye bye

But with Bill W I have lots to say, you are right it is all

about shame from Christians that think sin deters most

I go with what can I do better and how can I find peeps

that want to be happy and loving to me, it is all possible

I really miss you, you can’t be so gone that we can’t talk

about the Dodo and how if only it had some protectors

We would have them on our Facebook pages Hazing a Life

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Opening Up


Afternoon visit with my oldest friend

The whole truth was laid out, he told me his

He warmed me up a whole grained chicken pie

I told him the flowers I brought him were called ranunculus

Neither of us advised or judged, we marked the new beginnings

History is always our bedrock, with every new era supported