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My disease is my mind is subverted into my own slant on things.

Reality is that I left the comfortable shoes in the car, now I suffer.

Kristen sat next to me during the ceremony, 35, bald ,finishing Chemo.

Kevin and Samma married in 2008, Stage 4 bone metastesis with toddlers.

The bride is overweight and her two bridesmaid sisters were perfect 4’s.

This was her first marriage at 40 because it took this long to find him.

I had a wonderful time because they are two of the nicest people.

I want things I don’t have and I sulk that I am alive and laughing at myself.

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Marigolds and Orchids

imagejpeg_2 (25)


Orange was the wedding color Ha!

music was in every corner of the garden

strewn with bright pink rose petal paths

a cello in a quartet and then later sitar and drum

She read the “invitation” and I saw a shooting star

I had to leave because my heart was heavy and

my dress was too cool for the desert night and

don’t tell my daughter, but life just looks so

perfect for some people I can’t stand it anymore.


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Eleutherios gets Jiggy


” I am a forest and a knight of dark trees

but he who is not afraid of my darkness

will find banks full of roses under

my cypresses” friedrich nieitzsche


Let the Silenes drive your drunken chariot

Oh, man-womanish leader with erect thyrsus

Maenads will quench your thirst with robust cheeks

healthy blood runs the procession of modern thought

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The Host



This is a subject that I find very important.

How does an organism head towards self destruction?

Hundreds of substances released in the brain can end

up causing this “de evolutionary” behavior for self destruction.

The parasite doesn’t give the host a choice.

When you know better?

You can do better?

Or Grace

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Cowards Need Alcohol



Some Men who don’t strive to be good friends and kind

Get drunk and rape women they feel like abusing

Then say it was the fault of their impaired judgement

She is a whore for drinking with him and deserves it.

What the alcohol gave him? The courage is act out his sickness.

Like all other crimes.