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Goodmorning New Mexico



I never would have thought waking up on a Saturday with a clear brain

would feel so exhilarating, because I remember decades of hangovers

I must say that now I can see that my twisted thinking makes so much sense

More beer is just about all that could make that withdrawal ease up a bit

I am going to lie on a table and get a massage this morning and then go to

a Birthday party of people that quit. George has two years and his brain is

as clear as it ever will be and he rode a bike 40 miles the other day and we

can see under that table and we blow you a kiss because we love you dearly

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He was Just a Man



Kooky people who try to attack one person

Read up on the Oxford Group and Let’s see

you attack early psychotherapists for being

intrigued with drugs and Please BW was in

love with his assistant not a newcomer

Raise your hand if you are Not a Sex “addict”

I love this Picture He would Too! We are not a glum lot

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Nature drew me in to study Biology and Chemistry

Animals made me want to understand Animal Behavior

Appreciation of man’s damage to the Earth made me an Environmentalist

Now I think so many unscientific topics are interesting to learn and yet I

always see them an a scientific inquiry because I can’t think any other way

I do think my Higher Power is a daily experiment that leads to new hypotheses


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Eat Love


Please if you are lucky enough to have earned the money to

afford good food then make this a top priority for your life

I slept  like a baby last night and I attribute it to



helping a friend

eating great food

I had one meal. It was a hard boiled egg, beets, artichoke hearts, hummus,

red lettuce, zucchini, nuts, olives,tomato, peppers,lots of water and chocolate

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Causes and Conditions



I went to a documentary about just this

you will never see me wear any fucking pink ribbon

because we need to raise money for scientists to

study the increasing causes of cancers in our

communities due to animal hormones and food additives

I do my part and tell women that long term abuse of

alcohol which Get This more than 3 drinks a week has been

determined to be one of the top 5 causes of increased tumor

growth in breast tissues. We all like to not look at these things

until it is too late. Life is Short. Drink up it’s Romantic.


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Just after years of trying every way out of feeling

only the way I wanted to feel every single moment

The secret to changing is living through the most

gud awful pain you ever imagined and then finally

noticing that you are still alive, then years later

thinking that was the best thing that ever could have

happened and I never would have chosen it. Huh?